Cobwebs Technologies is a global leader in the field of web intelligence (WEBINT). We introduce the next generation of targeted web intelligence powered by Artificial Intelligence capabilities.

We offer innovative end to end solutions for both national security agencies and private sectors. Our products are designated to automatically harvest targeted information within minimal time.

We accompany the user during the whole investigation process. From finding target leads, performing the analysis of their connections, profiles and locations to the last step of target engagement and active intelligence extraction.


The past two decades have seen the World Wide Web grow and expand at an incredible rate in terms of accessibility, availability and volume. The internet contains vast amounts of information on people, places, enterprises and organizations. In recent years, social networks have taken a key position in the flow of information across the web and around the globe.

Increasing dependence on social media platforms along with easy access to open and Deep web spheres, both result in an extreme growth of illegal activity across the web. Social media platforms are being used by criminals, terrorists and other groups who exploit the easy worldwide access to spread their agendas and operate under the radar.

AI Powered Webint is a new, advanced way of harnessing technology in the helps of extracting targeted intelligence from big data.
It enables agencies to efficiently separate the wheat from the chaff within minimal time, thus creating valuable intelligence from a sea of seemingly non-relevant information.


Tactical web intelligence is a new and advanced field of intelligence, which provides information about current incidents and targets instantly. It can be generally explained as extracting targeted information from big data.
Regardless of our capabilities to monitor vast amount of data in social networks, forums, blogs, microblogs, discussion boards and other web-based communication channels and to analyze public opinion, we provide deep target tools.
Our unique capabilities enable the user to find anonymous targets details by using lead emails, phone numbers, user names, domains, IPs, etc. through the use of automatic search algorithms. We then, automatically, analyze targeted profiles, enabling production and dissemination of intelligence and investigative reports.


Open source web intelligence presents a number of challenges in order to get valuable information. In many cases the agency is required to extract data which cannot be accessed by using standard web browsing methods.

  • Managing vast amounts of intelligence from various sources

  • Smart extraction of intelligence and insights from Big Data using Artificial Intelligence

  • Deep target profiling using social media platforms, blogs, forums and websites

  • Exposing social connections, groups and inciters

  • Access hidden and limited information from the web

  • Maintain complete anonymity using untraceable worldwide proxy infrastructure