Cobwebs Technologies delivers decades of experience in the global intelligence market. Our team of experts is comprised of leading military and intelligence minds, with a niche expertise in the web intelligence sphere from our years of active involvement in industry-related projects. Field and practical experience, combined with a proven track record of successfully integrating into collaborative projects, have collectively led us to identify inadequacies in intelligence solutions. We specifically noticed that today’s intelligence solutions often present challenges coping with current technological and operational obstacles with efficiency.

Cobwebs’ leading and innovative systems service the national security, law enforcement and private sectors, identifying web relations, criminal activities and terrorist threats with just one click. We work with clients from all corners of the world with diverse needs and goals, assisting them with investigations and analysis of targeted data. Our range of products offer everything from a supportive starting point for targeted web data search, to extraction of vital intelligent insights, and all the way to monitoring and providing alerts of relevant events in real time. With our multifaceted approach to completing investigations, our technologies employ passive and active systems to cope with today’s complex hurdles and evolving challenges.


Tactical web intelligence is a new and advanced area in the intelligence arena. It provides critical information about current events and targets instantly, extracting vital intelligent insights from big data.

Over and above our technology’s capacity to monitor and analyze public opinions from vast amounts of data, (found in social media, forums, blogs, microblogs, discussion boards, and other surface and deep web communication channels and sources), we also provide deep targeting tools.

Our platform’s capabilities and automatic search algorithms allow users to discover anonymous target details with lead email addresses, phone numbers, usernames, domains, IPs, and more. Our solutions automatically analyze targeted profiles, powering the production and dissemination of intelligence and investigative reports.


Our team members have extensive experience training various types of operational forces. All of our experts utilize their knowledge about covert work, special operations and advanced technology within our training sessions. We create a tailor-made training program to suit the specific requirements of the operational unit. Our specialists train the unit’s team, providing all of the tools and knowledge necessary for them to achieve their goals in a professional manner by:

Creating training portfolios that will guarantee preservation of operational capabilities.

Preparing training & operational procedures.

Supporting the operational unit’s teams throughout the deployment and learning process.