Thousand of web sources function as an information library about individuals.  When investigating a person or persons, creating a target profile that brings all of their relevant


Immigration departments face daily challenges as thousands cross their borders that must be protected from dangerous entries. It is the responsibility of immigration department to identify


In the past decade, society’s communication methods have shifted and transformed. With that, criminals are finding new and different ways to organize crime under the radar.


Today, almost every country worldwide faces forms of drug challenges, be it with drug trafficking or abuse. As we attempt to trace activity, communication challenges arise


Prosecutors and government agencies realize that the dark web is a haven for criminal activity like terror funding, proliferation, arms smuggling and money laundering. Highly encrypted,


Cyber attacks hit businesses every day. Cybercrime has increased every year as hackers attempt to benefit from vulnerable business systems. Every second, individuals or organizations try


Social media’s popularity amongst criminals has skyrocketed and continues to grow, generating mass amounts of written content by the second. Text content offers valuable intelligence, particularly