Social media’s popularity amongst criminals has skyrocketed and continues to grow, generating mass amounts of written content by the second. Text content offers valuable intelligence, particularly when considering hidden [...]

As criminals become increasingly tech savvy their activities often take place online, so it’s absolutely crucial for agencies to keep up to speed with all data sources in efforts [...]

A wide range of threats originating in all corners of the world pose crucial security concerns to many organizations and corporations, including credential leaks, database hacking, and phishing attacks. [...]

As technology improves and terrorists become more tech savvy, members of terror groups take advantage of social media and communication applications to further their agendas with ease. Employed for [...]

Global threats pose critical security issues to diverse countries, as terrorist organizations’ communication and propaganda spread on social media and other apps. Whether found as individuals or organized groups, [...]

Looking for valuable data across the web can be extraordinarily time consuming and doesn’t always amount to generating valuable insights. It is easy to get lost in the large [...]

As young criminals are extremely active online, their digital footprints can somehow be traced and used as insightful data that can complete investigations. Thousands of online information sources exist [...]