Understand Fraud Networks


Fraudsters target financial services like banks and insurance companies. They seek out these organizations’ vulnerabilities and cash in on them. Criminals have numerous ways of getting a hold on personal data. Threat actors are hiding behind keyboards and work undercover. This makes their detection a tedious and sometimes non-feasible task.

Behavioral analytics and credit scoring methods are used to identify fraud by examination of a customer’s pattern of behavior. Traditional fraud identification methods are usually unable to understand the social circles and to identify the extent and exposure of fraud networks that are hidden behind what may seem to be individual fraud cases. These challenges require an open-source and cyber-related data which will leverage the existing knowledge and complete the big picture.


Our platform assists investigators to quickly identify hidden connections and unveil fraud patterns which might be missed using manual work or traditional systems. It automatically extracts data identifiers from numerous web sources as well as data from external sources provided by the user.

Leverage our Artificial Intelligence modules – text analytics, image processing, and face recognition to enhance fraud investigations and to find a needle in a haystack. Our analytics tools are used to connect all the dots and build a clear visual picture that leverages every investigation. Gain visibility to the deep and dark web and connect the cyber world with your data. Identify illegal organizations, block and reject suspicious transactions and file a timely and accurate suspicious activity report.



Connected data is everywhere; the way to understand it is via visualizations. Use our platform’s advanced visual link analysis capabilities to reveal and visualize hidden data. Our visual tools offer numerous features such as different layouts, centrality measures, grouping, filtering, clustering and more to evaluate the connections map along with influencing nodes and social communities. Harness geospatial and time-based analysis to view data as it evolves, and crack complex cases.


Cobwebs’ continuous monitoring and indexing of the dark web provides seamless connectivity to thousands of dark web sources. Our robust engine lets analysts search people and keywords to evaluate and monitor forums and markets. Triggering real-time alerts, our platform powers the discovery of malicious activities, individual threat actors and groups, and their complex social relations. Using advanced algorithms, our tools can de-anonymize dark web entities and trace them back to the real world.


With minimal leads and personal identifiers, our automated web investigation tool conducts deep target profiling automatically, reveal the real identities of virtual personalities. Discover stolen data of fraud operations and illegal attempts to sell stolen goods or info on the black market, from social security numbers, to credit card or bank account numbers of employees and/or customers. Alert and notify staff and clients, update accounts, and develop effective fraud prevention processes of internal systems for optimal security.