The major challenge of safe cities today is to establish a collaborative effort between security officials and concerned citizens to fabricate a centralized safe city that is able to prevent, respond and quickly recover from various crises.

With the increase of closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs) and webcams around cities, technologies such as artificial intelligence and data analytics can significantly improve the capabilities of LEA (law enforcement agencies) to fight urban crime and terror.
However, the race to grasp safe city technologies also creates vulnerabilities if investments in digital technologies are not followed in accordance with investments in cyber security.

Governments have taken the lead to harness data and new technologies, to develop innovative solutions to solve some of the safe city challenges.

The official entities understand that city management must be data-driven, and by using the innovations that monitor and analyze real-time data, combined with the ubiquity of mobile devices, citizens can now increase their individual safety and play a key role in contributing to community safety and crime detection.

Social media websites can provide a real-time understanding of a situation, which in turns enables a better, faster response and resolution.
Unique tools that analyze criminals’ networks activity, showing connection types, their relevance to targets, and the nature of their relationship are the critical data that helps agencies locate targets.

Technology enables safe cities to increase efficiency and improve the detection, prevention and response to crime.

The law enforcement agencies can use the system actively by uploading collected data to be included into an intelligence analysis platform for post-event analysis, pattern recognition and planning response for future gang activity. These agencies can use these types of platform in order to reveal criminal patterns and to deploy the relevant police officers in real-time crime scenes.

AI-powered analytical engines that searches, analyzes and monitors large volumes of web data streams will enable you to gain situational awareness with real-time intelligent insights to control crimes in the safe city.

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