Identify new targets and uncover potential profiles and groups across the web using automated advanced search capabilities


Gain deep intelligence and access a vast amount of intelligence such as locations, context, internal relations group structures, hierarchies and more


Reveal targets and collect real-time intelligence using non-intrusive methods. Utilize social engineering tools to establish a connection with your targets, infiltrate social circles and more



Virtual HUMINT



Cobwebs Technologies partnered with Microsoft to provide the best cloud based solutions in the market guaranteeing a fast and secure deployment with an easy scalability for growing teams and requirements. Law enforcement leaders agree that the ability to effectively collect, manage, and collaborate around vital information is critical to effective crime fighting. Combining Microsoft technology with operational knowledge and the best WEBINT system in the market provides urban, regional, state, and national law enforcement agencies the ability to transform the delivery of public safety services.


Our team members have extensive experience in training different types of operational forces. All of our experts utilize their knowledge about covert work, special operations and advanced technology within the training sessions. We create a tailor-made training program to suit the specific requirements of the operational unit. Our specialists train the unit’s team, providing all of the tools and knowledge necessary for them to achieve their goals in a professional manner by:

Creating training portfolios that will guarantee preservation of operational capabilities

Creating training
& operational procedures

Support the operational unit’s teams throughout the deployment and learning process