Project Description


Face Recognition in Crime Investigation

Using Artificial intelligence Tools, a Drug Trafficking Criminal is Identified

Looking for valuable data across the web can be extraordinarily time consuming and doesn’t always amount to generating valuable insights. It is easy to get lost in the large amounts of data with little yield of insights due to overload. So many faces, so many names, so many posts and so much information that may just be too difficult to process for an analyst. Automation has become an essential aspect of operations to complete an investigation efficiently and with better results.

Over the years, law enforcement agencies have gathered vast sums of valuable data, making it difficult to make good use of it. Agencies have large databases of criminals, including pictures of their faces, names, IDs and more. This data is easily integrated into Cobwebs’ solutions, designed to optimize use of existing data with our advanced artificial intelligence tools.

Using Artificial intelligence Tools, a Drug Trafficking Criminal is Identified

Face recognition

An agency imported their data into our system, allowing it to automatically detect the content of interest. Profiles of interest monitored regularly can trigger alerts for a range of reasons. In this case, the system monitored a profile and automatically detected a face that it recognized from the agency database. This face was then matched to the relevant target, and was added to the rest of the target’s bank of images.

The face detected matched that of a criminal who has a long history of drug trafficking, and had just been released from prison. His face being detected in the image, combined with the other objects recognized in the photo, indicated a high probability this person was involved in a drug trafficking chain, yet again.

Using sophisticated artificial intelligence tools, the system filtered out irrelevant data and left analysts with a clear view of the drug trafficking chain. The result: the criminal was tracked down and drug trafficking in the area was ultimately shut down.

Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm and changing technology as we know it. Some organizations still use out of date technologies to handle databases, both inefficient and time-consuming, reducing overall productivity. Advanced AI tools that scan images, videos and text help agencies analyze all forms of data. Our solutions provide traditional WEBINT combined with innovative tools, employing artificial intelligence to leverage performance and provide insightful results automatically.