Gangs Social Analysis

Following a murder, gang leaders are identified on Facebook

As young criminals are extremely active online, their digital footprints can somehow be traced and used as insightful data that can complete investigations. Thousands of online information sources exist and are growing, and while they are often ideal venues for collecting data, they can also be overwhelming. It can be difficult to determine the starting point of a search and where relevant data could be hiding.

Gangs are known to provoke violence and threats via social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat. Gang affiliates exploit their online presence to promote gang identity and gain notoriety.
Using Cobwebs’ solutions, analysts were able to find a Facebook group in memory of a murdered gang member. In analyzing the group with our solution, members were identified and classified based on their group activity and social connections with other group members.

Each Facebook user pinpointed as a gang and group member had his profile analyzed, so investigators could understand their social status within the hierarchy and structure of the gang. Once the users’ social graphs were crossed, the gang leaders were clearly visible and identified.
Their profiles and activity were then set to be monitored, so that analysts receive live alerts related to their activity and whereabouts.

Cobwebs’ technology provides unique tools that analyze criminals’ networks, showing connection types, their relevance to targets, and the nature of their relationship. This critical data helps agencies locate targets, or simply collect more information about them for developed profiling. Our solution’s social media group analysis yields improved understanding of which relationships present vital data, particularly when investigating young groups of criminals.

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