Project Description


ISIS and the Deep Web

Identifying ISIS Group Leaders on Twitter

As technology improves and terrorists become more tech savvy, members of terror groups take advantage of social media and communication applications to further their agendas with ease. Employed for the spread of propaganda, calls to action, recruitment and planning of attacks, social media has become a vital tool for terror groups. The use of these social networks presents new challenges in identifying profiles of activity initiators and tracking down their leaders.

Today, there are tens of thousands of ISIS-operated Twitter accounts spreading the terror organization’s propaganda and calls to action. These accounts play a critical role in recruiting, planning, issuing threats and taking credit for attacks. It’s fair to say that social media is used as a virtual weapon for all intents and purposes.

Using our solution’s AI-Powered engine, a hashtag was searched and revealed dozens of users posting calls to action with that specific hashtag. Each user was analyzed individually, revealing each of their social media accounts. Many leads were identified using the network mapping tool.

The accounts were cross analyzed, allowing analysts to understand who of the terror group’s specific members were promoting propaganda. Once mapping was completed, process of elimination identified the terror group’s leaders. Our solution indicated that theses leaders had the most connections, and the greatest impact and influence amidst the group members’ social media activity.

Once identified, the leaders’ locations were detected by the agency, and they were tracked down.

With just a simple hashtag search, analysts identified the leaders of an ISIS group and eliminated the risk they posed.

Cobwebs’ solutions are developed with our experts’ extensive experience and knowledge of the deep web and social media platforms. Our tools are used to identify and track social media activity, as users receive live alerts of online activity. The solution integrates advanced artificial intelligence to reveal connections and underlying messages which may not be found otherwise. As social media platforms constantly evolve, we update our system with new web sources, adapting to the latest and newest challenges.