Project Description



Conduct Thorough Target Profiling with Just One Click

Thousand of web sources function as an information library about individuals. 
When investigating a person or persons, creating a target profile that brings all of their relevant data together is essential. Common and central challenges are identification of links between suspects, their involvement in crimes and criminal activity, and pinpointing key investigative or information gaps.

Creating a target profile can be rigorously time-consuming, demanding coverage of vast sources for a thorough understanding of the target. The process is triggered by a basic lead, with a possible domino effect of additional lead discoveries. Once all leads are maximized, analysts resort to making full use of all accounts found for the specific target. Often, analysts spend days performing thousands of navigations in attempts to identify and understand the target.

To create a well developed target profile, an analyst must discover basic target information: name, phone number, email address, and home address. Once these parameters are established, the analyst must assess and understand the target’s personality by learning more about their hobbies and interests.

Above all else, in order to study the target, it is paramount to understand their surrounding social circle, mapping out connections based on family and close groups of friends. These processes present challenges and consume analysts’ precious time. With Cobwebs, these procedures are simplified and easy to execute, leveraging agency productivity. Enter the lead name in our platform’s search bar, and simply click ‘analyze’ to gain all possible information about your target.

Cobwebs helps law enforcers, analysts, policy makers and decision makers increase productivity and save time, for greater target investigation. Our solutions cover vast web sources, unveiling connections and revealing data that would otherwise be hidden. Your solution extracts data quickly, so your organization can maximize existing resources, while we deliver insights that are unattainable else ways.