Telegram and Terror Groups

Detecting Locations at Risk of Terror Attacks Being Targeted by ISIS

Global threats pose critical security issues to diverse countries, as terrorist organizations’ communication and propaganda spread on social media and other apps. Whether found as individuals or organized groups, these threatening entities employ various methods of communication that pose data tracking challenges. International threats are difficult to identify, with vast web data originating from domestic and international communication sources. The demand for advanced tools empowering national security and law enforcement agencies is rising, particularly for solutions generating critical insights that prevent terror and threats.

For years, ISIS and other terror organizations have exploited social media like Twitter and WhatsApp for recruitment of operatives and overall communication. ISIS recently claimed Telegram to be one of the ‘safest’ platforms for secure communication, encouraging its use for their motives. Hosting multiple channels on Telegram, ISIS broadcasts propaganda, issuing calls to action, soliciting donations, and ultimately claiming responsibility for attacks. Private and group chats are also used to share content amongst ISIS members.

Using our search engine, the terror investigation team of a leading national security agency searched phones numbers of potential targets, identifying their respective Telegram accounts. Agents then acquired data like pictures, usernames and activity details of the possible suspects.

With further investigations, analysts identified a channel used by ISIS to spread propaganda and calls to action for a terror attack in a renowned European capital city. In analyzing the channel, the investigation team pinpointed the specific locations targeted by the terrorists.

With Cobwebs’ solutions, the terrorists were intercepted by virtual agents on Telegram preventing the attacks from being carried out.

Cobwebs has collaborated with security agencies for decades and brings extensive experience to the market, generating the critical intelligence required to enforce national security, while maintaining visibility of external threats.
Developed to find and alert agencies of terror activities while conducting deep group analysis, Cobwebs’ solutions help analysts understand structures and motives of terror groups. Exceptional AI capacities of our platform recognize patterns in data and social groups, spotlighting possible threats in real time. With the evolution of technology and constant mutation of next generation worldwide threats, our team of R&D experts continuously upgrades product functions and features to meet the latest industry demands and trends.

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