Threat Intelligence for Financial Services

Detecting Locations at Risk of Terror Attacks Being Targeted by ISIS

As the threat landscape of financial services organizations evolves, threat intelligence tools must also transform and advance.

Since attackers have become increasingly smarter and creative, regular firewalls are no longer satisfactory, and traditional cybersecurity measures won’t fully protect organizations. Companies in the financial services sector must think outside of the box to anticipate future attacks and protect their data.

It is crucial to be constantly aware of online activity related to your company. Social media mentions may serve as a warning to help a company prevent future cyber attacks.

Cobwebs’ monitoring tools were created for just this purpose, and analysts can simultaneously receive alerts regarding defined criteria. In this particular case, monitoring settings and criteria were set to pick up any references of the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO’s social media accounts were also monitored for identification of threats.

The analysts received notifications based on rules, alerting them of concerning posts from the CEO’s social media account. After receiving numerous alerts within a short time frame, analysts became aware that the CEO’s posts were irregular, indicating that the account was likely hacked.

The analysts were responsive and acted immediately, quickly contacting the CEO to explain the situation, blocking the account and changing passwords of his other accounts. Analysts found a weakness and succeeded to prevent its escalation into significantly greater risk to the company.

Cobwebs provides tools for the financial services sector, with the needs of these organizations in mind: anticipation of direct threats, identification and blockage of fraud attempts, and protection of customers from social engineering schemes. Our tools are primarily used to identify, understand, and preemptively mitigate attacks before affecting customers. These attacks can impose great danger to the organizations as they disrupt operations, cause reputational damage, or create regulatory exposure.

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