The Concept and Impacts of Media Intelligence

December 3, 2019

Media intelligence is one of the magnificent impact that the power of technology has tabled for all spheres of life. Government and financial bodies being prominent institutions that must familiarize themselves with the development of technological revolution involving intelligence platforms such as web intelligence, artificial intelligence, media intelligence and so on. In this regard, media intelligence is a relatively new model of technology that uses data computing, data mining and every other categories of data science to analyze public social media content. In simple term, it is the collation of data from social media platforms, blogs, comments, press conference, news and other series of data that is uploaded on the internet in order to identify public opinion and have a big picture of the general public reaction to some pertinent issues related to any sector.

The media intelligence solutions have ushered a relief for every sector of an economy – be it for governmental policies or for the formulation and implementation of policies related to financial bodies. The derivation of relief encompasses the reduction of stress in accessing pieces of information, the cumbersome task of reaching out to persons to hear their dissect about the efficiency of government, same for the financial enterprises – media intelligence has restructured the mechanical means of acquiring the views of customers from the public realm so as to shape future decisions that will be taken. The media intelligence tools allow for easy accumulation of large junks of data that will create room for receiving quality information; this is only done through scooping and swooping of content from the websites or simply to create connection with the API provided by social media channels that allows third party to access enormous data and also in the creation of their own applications.

Media intelligence companies has been established therefore to help government and financial bodies gather relevant editorial contents from the internet and afterwards analyze them to derive authentic information that will cover the public perception on the functions, progresses and development of governments and financial bodies. To the acquisition of necessary contents for analysis, these institutions must deploy the use of media intelligence monitoring to keep check on data and gather them when needed. Other media intelligence tools (of which Cobwebs has them all for you) are vital instruments utilized for the purpose of measuring and analyzing of data.

For the utilization of media intelligence, it is not only restricted to government bodies and financial platforms but stretches to other sectorial bodies such as business experts, law enforcement agencies, economic analysts, medical practitioners, law firms and other phases who keeps watch of related data in order to extract insights about the public from their field. This is a beneficial mechanism used by today’s organization to ease the usual technical model of acquiring the public disposition about products and the functions of the organization. The media intelligence software are readily available on Cobwebs to be used either for security intelligence service on tracking of wanted persons and make room for improvement in exigent sectors to foster rapid development in security, economy, welfare, education and other important sectors that contribute to the human world.

This is a strategic software, to explain further, that supports the security intelligence service that pertains to the accumulation, evaluation and the quick reaction given to data drawn from an organization’s server that is facing severe threats from hackers. With the advent of technology and its countless benefits, one of the negativities of owning a server of your own is the likelihood of facing threats or the tendencies of getting viruses infused into your organization’s server.


Cobwebs, undoubtedly, is an impeccable platform to reach out to that will assist to a great measure to the realization, collection, management and analysis of data that will trigger resounding pace for quick development. Cobwebs has every of the necessary media intelligence tools that will keep watch and monitor  the deluge of data relevant to government and financial bodies, in so doing, create an atmosphere of easiness and quick processes of data.

The impact of media intelligence is immeasurable due to the easy processes that is associated with it. Cobwebs will make provision for automated intelligence saddled with the acquisition of contents from news media, blogs, press conferences and other related editorial contents that is scrutinized and expertly analyzed in order to assist any organization to infer solutions to the basic reaction of the public.

With the use of media intelligence platform, this will not only sensitize the users of the platform on the reaction of the public to the activities of their organizations but through the process of media reporting, it is an enabling activity done to acquire clear insights, statistics and results into the reports filed to clients. These further create an awareness to the public that government agencies and financial bodies are ensuring to see to their plight and appropriate measures taken to promote a fair atmosphere.

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