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Today’s vast volumes of data originating from multiple web and social media sources has increased, and continues to escalate by the second. Diverse forms of content that can leverage investigations are found and accessible online or through real, live individuals.

Avatars (virtual agents) are created, managed and operated by intelligence analysts with the prime objective to gather data from various open and human sources on the web. Lynx assists analysts in the creation, management, and maintenance of these avatars’ essential information over time. Its smart technology supports these processes by utilizing worldwide proxy services and adhering to proper intelligence methodologies for safe web browsing.
The unique added value users gain from Lynx lays in its advanced automation services. The system provides analysts with relevant and critical data in real time – a new, contemporary and efficient approach to data and target management. The ideal substitution for tedious conventional procedures, Lynx offers increased productivity with the most sophisticated of technologies to truly leverage investigations from A to Z.


Conducting HUMINT Operations

  • Avatar management for a range of platforms: social media, forums, blogs, surface and deep web
  • Simple connection to multiple accounts with the click of just one button
  • Anonymity via global proxy infrastructure, for ultimate discretion with zero compromise of user experience
  • Management and analysis of targets’ activities with artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Integration with various intelligence systems for smooth and optimal workflows