Web Intelligence

The leading AI-powered, user-friendly search engine for deep, automated web investigations. Extract critical, intelligent insights with ease and efficiency from social media, surface & deep web data sources.

Gain unmatched situational awareness with real-time intelligent insights generated via online content monitoring, with volumes of data extracted from vast web sources: social media, blogs, forums, news sites, and much more. Transform a single lead into a developed, end-to-end investigation with our smart algorithms and case management tools. Develop targets profiles, map groups, manage events and leverage operational dominance with just one click.

Harnessing advanced, proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, Tangles, (our web intelligence engine), meets the needs of private and government sectors with simplicity and efficiency.

Main Advantages:

  • Coverage of endless data sources
  • Unconventional and jargon querying for data extraction
  • Developed target detail discovery and profiling
  • Critical identification of social circles and connections
  • Accessibility to vital targets with limited public information
  • Live data analysis and real-time alerts for optimal responsiveness
  • Seamless integration to crawl and extract insights from new data sources